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Shared decision making and the Decision Aid Prostate Cancer Consortium

The study “Shared decision making and the Decision Aid Prostate Cancer” is carried out in a joint venture between the department Urology of the VU University Medical Center (VUmc) / Cancer Center Amsterdam, and the Research group Living together With Cancer of the VU University in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The following members participate in our research group:

Drs. HHM Al-Itejawi (fellow researcher/ PhD student)
Dr. CF van Uden-Kraan (senior researcher/communication scientist)
Dr. AN Vis (urologist/ chef de clinique urology)
Dr. JA Nieuwenhuijzen (urologist/ head of urology research)
Prof dr. IM Verdonck-de Leeuw (professor living with cancer / psychologist / speech therapist / linguist)
Prof dr. RJA van Moorselaar (project manager / professor of urological oncology/ urologist/ head of urology department)
Drs. MJA Hofstee (research assistant/ psychologist)

Prostaatkanker Keuzehulp

VUmc, Afdeling Urologie 4F
Postbus 7057
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