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Decision Aid Prostate cancer

Thank you for your interest in our study “Shared decision making and the Decision Aid Prostate Cancer”. Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men over 55 years in the Netherlands.

For the treatment of localized prostate cancer, several treatment options are available, each with their own side effects and consequences, i.e. active surveillance (AS), radical prostatectomy (RP), brachytherapy (BT) or external beam radiotherapy (EBRT). Patients who have the choice for one of the treatment options, may find it difficult to make this decision. A tool for shared decision making, to help patients make a better choice in collaboration with their health care provider, is called a patient decision aid. This is designed to “help people make specific and deliberative choices among options by providing information on the options and outcomes relevant to a person’s health status” (O’Connor et al. 2009). Within the VU University Medical Center a patient decision aid for prostate cancer is developed.

The patient decision aid prostate cancer is a support tool for people who have recently been diagnosed with locally confined prostate cancer. The prostate cancer patient can make an informed choice between the various treatment options (eg, waiting, surgery or radiation). The decision aid prostate cancer is available in a paper and digital version and it provides up-to-date information according to the national guidelines (

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